You will be required to register. Upon registration you will be prompted to pay an $80 refundable deposit. Once the funds are received an iMEDIA TV cable box will be provided with a 1-day subscription. At the end of the 24-hour period, the services will be disconnected and you will be prompted to contact iMEDIA TV.

If you choose to continue the subscription, the balance of $49.99 will be required to complete the full payment of the iMEDIA TV cable box. You will also be required to pay for your 1st month subscription of 32.99 to equal a total payment of $82.98, upon receipt your services will be reactivated.
If you do not want to continue with the subscription, you will return the cable box to iMEDIA TV and upon receipt a refund will be placed back on the card used to begin the trial.
Disclaimer: If the box is not returned within 3 days in the exact same condition it was sent, along with the remote and accessories a refund will not be granted.

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